Lacquered Forms_Moon Jar

Natural lacquer on Craft paper
450 (H) X 500 (W) X 500 (D)

Limited Edition of 6 + 4 AP

This year, the new project 'Lacquered forms' is proceeding.
According to my improved lacquering skills and form studies through the previous project '21g', I want to go deep in various design objects like, furniture and lamp.
And, ‘Delftware vase’ is the one of 12 pieces of ‘Lacquered forms‘ series.

I want to deviate from placing limit on its shape and putting it on confined place and starting to show it is esthetic elements. So I want to make a simple shape which can express minimalism and geometrical from the basic paper it self.

The geometrical formation is as simple as incubating infinite space. It makes conceive something very silent, mystic, infinitely deep and whole world included cosmic that created only through light and shadow. This consists of connecting factors coexisting simplex, careful elaborate work and depth.